Heartland State Bank
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Debit Cards: Service and hospitality from your hometown bank that knows you by name. Worldwide access to cash. The Visa Checkcard allows you access to ATM machines and use it like a check anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.

Visa credit cards: Are you tired of the run around you get when you want information on your credit card? Tired of astronomical interest rates? Get the convenience of a VISA credit card from your hometown bank. We can answer all your questions and take your payments right at Heartland State Bank where we know you by name, not by number.

Direct Deposit: If you want to make sure that your paycheck or government payments make it into your account on time, you can have it directly deposited to your account at Heartland State Bank. No more trudging up to the post office in a blizzard. This also works well for our customers working away from home, you don't have to wait for the mail to reach us before the money is in your account.

Night depository and drive up teller: If you have trouble making it to the bank during working hours, you have more options than ever. In addition to access to the ATM networks, you can make deposits at our night depository or stop by the drive up Saturday mornings at the Edgeley branch.

Online banking: Bank from the convenience of your home with our online banking. View the histories of your accounts, make transfers between your accounts and download transaction information into your finance program all via the Internet. Visit our Demo and then sign up on the web. Worldwide service and hometown smiles, all from Heartland State Bank.

Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure

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