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We want you to make your dreams a reality with help from Heartland State Bank. If it’s a different home or fixing up the old one, new or used car, running a business or running your own farm, we’re here to listen to you and your credit needs.

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This bank has served these communities since 1921 and agriculture was and is its roots. Our loan officers have the expertise of many years of ag lending to help you put in the crop, buy the livestock or expand your equipment line. We can help young farmers get established with programs from the Bank of North Dakota (BND) and Farm Service Agency (FSA). Stop in and visit, we would like to help you with your farming operation.

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Heartland State Bank appreciates the businesses that operate in and around our trade territory and we are always looking for a way to help them compete in today’s ever changing business environment. We can provide the assistance for businesses to expand into new areas or start a new service. We also offer loan programs together with the SBA and Bank of ND.

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If you are thinking of that new car or vacation, or just combining those bills into one spot, we offer personal loans for just about any reason. We believe in the philosophy of hometown banking with your neighbors and friends. Stop in and visit with our friendly lenders and let us help you make those dreams a reality.

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Real Estate

Whether its homes or barns, farmland or grazing land, commercial building or most other reasons, we can help with a real estate loan tailored just for you. Flexible terms, quick friendly service, and attractive rates can turn your vision into a reality.